The Dorset Squirrels


The three Silver Tide stories in one absorbing volume.  If you liked the rabbits of Watership Down, the moles of Duncton Wood and the badgers of The Cold Moons, you will love The Dorset Squirrels.
The Red Squirrels of Dorset brace themselves for the arrival of the Greys who are intent on colonising England or, as they call it, New America. Can they resist the superior force or must they abandon all they hold dear and flee to seek refuge on Brownsea Island?
Through the three stories that make up The Dorset Squirrels, we follow Marguerite the Bright One and her companions as they try to come to terms with the conquering hordes.Their thrill-packed journeying takes them from their home at the Blue Pool to many well-known parts of England’s most beautiful county in their search for peace and security. These include Lulworth Cove, the Isle of Portland, the Chesil Bank, the swannery at Abbotsbury, the ruins of Corfe Castle, the deserted village of Tyneham, the Agglestone Rock, Studland Beach and of course Brownsea Island where their descendants still live under the protection of The National Trust.

This book was originally written as three separate stories, The Silver Tide, The Second Wave and The Golden Flight. Later the three were published in a single paperback volume. Downloads are available only in the three separate titles.

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Dorset Squirrels is also available as three separate downloadable e-books.  Click on each title or cover image to buy:

The Silver Tide – The Second Wave – The Golden Flight

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