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Welcome to the ‘Michael Tod and Cadno Books’ website.

This is where you can buy books written by Michael Tod and published in different formats by Cadno Books.  Click on the cover image below, or the links in the menu bar above to sample or buy.

silver-tide-blog-image golden-flight-blog-image golden-flight-blog-image dorset-squirrels-blog-image

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barefoot-summer-blog-image3 ferrymans-daughter-400012   curlews-cry-small

3 Responses to Home Page

  1. Adrian Zielonka says:

    Dear Sir
    Around 20 years ago I read the Dorset Squirrels. I found the story quite amazing. It was in an area where I used to spend many holidays.
    Some years ago I came across the book Dolphin Song which I recently finished. I found it simply incredible. I just couldn’t put it down. It was very moving. Being on journey where I’ve been yet alone places where I havn’t (Faeroes). Maybe one day.
    Thank you for two great stories – and very well put together.
    PS I’m currently off work with a bad right shoulder which is taking a long time to heal.

  2. Fred Patten says:

    Dear Michael Tod;

    What was the original price of The Dorset Squirrels when it was published by Cadno Books in December 1999? I do not want to know what Amazon is selling it for today, but its original price in 1999.

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