The Bible stories ~ Come across as out of touch. ~ Let’s try something new!

David Cameron’s ‘Bible’ Speech.

David Cameron recently made a speech in which he recognised the contribution to Britain’s culture and heritage made by the King James Bible and called for a return to ‘biblical values’. 

If one starts from scratch and studies the Bible to find a simple set of moral values relevant to the twenty-first century, one would end up totally confused.

Are we really expected to believe that the first woman was created from a rib-bone taken from the first man? 

Can we understand the first four of the Ten Commandments supposedly given by God himself to the prophet Moses 5000 years ago? 

Can we understand why a ‘loving’ God directs one of his most ardent followers to cut the throat of his beloved son as a sacrifice?

Can we accept a virgin birth?

Can we understand the meaning of the beatitudes – such as ‘Blessed are the meek -for they shall inherit the earth’?

Can we accept that Jesus of Nazareth, (for whom I personally have the greatest respect in relation to his life and teachings,) actually died on the cross and came alive again?

Can we respect a set of values enshrined in various editions of this same book which led to the horrors of the Inquisition and the burning alive of those who followed a slightly different version of these ‘truths’?

The answer must surely be ‘NO!’

If we look to the Church of England for guidance they seem obsessed by such questions as ‘Can a woman or a homosexual man, be a bishop?’ whilst their congregations die out.

At the end of his speech David Cameron stated –

“I believe the Church of England has a unique opportunity to help shape the future of our communities……and you, as the Church of England, can help ensure that it stays that way. “

I occasionally read (or try to read) articles in The Daily Telegraph written by the recently retired Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams. Unfortunately, they are written in such a difficult to follow, theological, language that, even if I haven’t given up halfway through, I am mystified as to what it was all about.

In my novel, God’s Elephants, the elephant Tembo Jay, who died two thousand years before, left a simple message for all living and future generations of elephants – ‘Be Kind, Be Gentle and Be Fair.’

If these ‘Three Bs’ were to be accepted by modern human society as their moral compass, as proposed in my most recent book, The Ferry Boat – Finding a Credible God’, this would be a good basis for overcoming all the ills of the world.

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